Thursday, June 28, 2012

American Heroes

Last week I went to Leavenworth, Washington to meet up with my sister, Karen, for a few hours. She is a member of Crystal Quilters who were on a quilting retreat at Quilter's Heaven, a combination bed and breakfast lodging house and quilt shop. After lunch we took the opportunity to browse the fabrics so I could add to my growing stash. While checking out, there was a stack of papers on the counter with a 4" square of patriotic fabric stapled to each page. "What's this about?", I asked. My sister and and I were quickly educated about American Hero Quilts.

The quilts are given to returning wounded service men and women who are being airlifted to safety and medical attention. The fabric shop gives you the starting center block and you supply the fabric to finish out the log cabin block.

Karen and I decided we wanted to make a quilt block to contribute to this worthy endeavor. We picked out a piece of fabric to go with some Karen already had and then got to work on our block. In about twenty minutes (because we were yakking with the other ladies who were working on their own projects), we had our block cut and sewn. It was that simple!

American Hero Quilt Block

Once I got back home, I went to my local quilt shop and bought fabric to go with my 4" center square. Geez, it was so easy to make I told myself  that I couldn't make just ONE! I found a nice little star patterned fabric and decided to use that for my center squares. I ended up making seven quilt blocks that I will send off to Quilter's Heaven so they can add to the others they are collecting for American Hero Quilts.

My American Hero Quilt Blocks
 Who knows? I may decide to make an entire quilt to send!!

And thank you, Karen, for your service our country. I am so glad we never needed a quilt for you! Love ya, sis!


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