Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Squirrel TV - Tag, You're It!

If you are not able to see the video, please leave me a comment. Trying something new today!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Barn - Waterlogged

I spotted this barn near Barnesville, Minnesota earlier this year. From the looks of it, this barn has been sitting in the water for quite a while. You can see the waterline on the side.

Waterlogged near Barnesville

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rurality - Drive Thru, Farm Style

I think a small car could drive under this tractor! To the best of my knowledge, this type of tractor is used to spray crops. The tall wheels allow it to drive down the rows of crops and over them without causing damage. When the tractor is not in spray mode, the rails that would normally jut out are swung back along the tractor sides.

Along Hwy 78 Near Battle Lake, Minnesota

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday's Barn - Springdale

I am sharing 2 drive-by shots of barns in Springdale, Washington today. We took a different route home from Deer Park on our last trip. It took us through some beautiful valleys and mountain areas. Definitely worth the extra time it added to our trip.

Barns Along Springdale-Hunters Road

Happy Veteran's Day to our veterans. Thank you for your service!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sunday Bridges - Spokane

Drive west along Interstate 90 and look north when crossing Hangman Creek. What a view!

Looking North at the Railroad and Vehicle Bridges over Hangman Creek

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InSPIREd Sunday - Gethsemane Episcopal Cathedral

This church has an interesting history in Fargo. The first church, Christ Church, completed in 1875, was blown off its foundation after a few years, rebuilt and renamed Gethsemane Church. By the 1890's, the church needed to be rebuilt due to being blown off its foundation once again (dang prairie winds!) Plans were made to build a cathedral out of red sandstone, but out of economic necessity was built with wood framing on the sandstone foundation.

Gethsemane Cathedral.
Original Gethsemane Cathedral (photo from here)

In 1980, Gethsemane Cathedral was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tragically, during renovations in 1989, a fire burned the cathedral beyond repair. In 1991, construction began on the new cathedral on its present site.

While this church in Fargo, North Dakota still sports the red doors typically found on Episcopal churches, it has a decidedly modern feel to it.

Gethsemane Episcopal Cathedral - Fargo, North Dakota

I realized I wanted a better picture of the Cathedral so on my last trip to Fargo, I stopped and got a few more shots. Plus it was a nicer day with the clear blue skies.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friday's Fences - The Eagle and Raccoons

Here's another piece of art by Chad Smith in the park near my winter home in Minnesota (BTW, there is something wrong with that statement - shouldn't I have a winter home in say, Arizona?)

The Eagle & Raccoons

Check out the details!

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Skywatch Friday - SOOC Sunset

Straight out of the camera - yesterday's sunset.

Do you see the giant goose flying south for the Winter?

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rurality - The Tractor Did It

Maybe these signs are just posted during the harvest season, or maybe they go up during Spring planting and stay until Winter. I don't know the answer, but to me they are a sure sign of rural life when drivers have to be warned about mud on the road due to the tractors moving from field to field.

Sign near Sabin, Minnesota

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TwoFer Tuesday - More SquirrelTV

Time for another episode of SquirrelTV starring Spencer the Squirrel (ps - they are ALL named Spencer!)

Do you think she sees me? I'm trying to blend in.

Nestled between the trunks out of the wind

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday's Barn - Looking Across the River

I found a little park this weekend on the Fargo, North Dakota side of the Red River of the North. Directly across the river on the Moorhead, Minnesota side was this beautiful barn. I love finds like this!

Looking Across the Red River

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Safety in Numbers

I've noticed a large duck population on the lake lately. Mallards, cormorants and who knows what else. This morning I noticed some unusual activity. The ducks clustered together briefly and then went about their business. It wasn't until the second time they got together that I got up to see what was threatening them. Aha...a young eagle was flying around. After it happened once again, I saw the second mature eagle. Double the trouble! Hopefully the eagles are looking for fish rather than the sitting ducks. I wish I had my large Nikon and telephoto lens with me to get a close up shot of the eagles.

From this, scattered about...

...to this, clustered together.

The Predator

Two Eagles

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sunday Bridges - Grand Coulee

A couple of weeks ago, we were on our way home from Spokane and stopped for a lunch break near Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River. The vista point is high above the town. I never get tired of the view, even on a hazy day like this!

Panorama of Grand Coulee, Washington (don't forget to click to enlarge!)

Closer Peek of the Dam and the Bridge Spanning the Columbia River

It is a very narrow two lane bridge across the river, built before today's wider bridges.

Squeeze Play!

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InSPIREd Sunday - Sts. Anne & Joachim

This is a fairly new church building. I believe it was built in 2009 and dedicated in 2010. I wish it wasn't such a gray day when I saw this church.

Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Church - Fargo, North Dakota

Statue of Sts. Anne & Joachim

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