Saturday, November 2, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday - Sts. Anne & Joachim

This is a fairly new church building. I believe it was built in 2009 and dedicated in 2010. I wish it wasn't such a gray day when I saw this church.

Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Church - Fargo, North Dakota

Statue of Sts. Anne & Joachim

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  1. quite a pretty place! the statuary is a really nice touch.

  2. Clearly the architect chose to use older themes for the design of this church - and to good effect.
    The overall design of the entrance with the statuary is quite striking; fine geometry. The church looks older than it actually is. (That is meant as a comment on the use of the older design themes and not a criticism. Very nicely done...)

  3. Fargo! I was so tickled when we got to stay there on one of our roadtrips -- it was a neat old town.

    Gaeyln mentioned "remember whensday" in her Friday's post. Did you see it?

  4. The statues at the front are beautiful. The architect designed the church so well. To me it does not look to be new architectural design. It is lovely.

  5. Wow, a very beautiful new church, indeed!

    Visiting from InSPIREd Sunday.


  6. beautiful church and I like that they architects used the red brick giving it the stature of an old church..

  7. i need to read up on these saints ... i don't know much about them. gorgeous! ( ;

  8. A classic church design! It looks huge.

  9. Such a substantial feel to this church's architecture. And I admire the way the sculpture echoes the arch behind it. And I agree with Lynn, very smart choice of building materials so that it doesn't look like a brand new church.


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