Saturday, November 9, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday - Gethsemane Episcopal Cathedral

This church has an interesting history in Fargo. The first church, Christ Church, completed in 1875, was blown off its foundation after a few years, rebuilt and renamed Gethsemane Church. By the 1890's, the church needed to be rebuilt due to being blown off its foundation once again (dang prairie winds!) Plans were made to build a cathedral out of red sandstone, but out of economic necessity was built with wood framing on the sandstone foundation.

Gethsemane Cathedral.
Original Gethsemane Cathedral (photo from here)

In 1980, Gethsemane Cathedral was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tragically, during renovations in 1989, a fire burned the cathedral beyond repair. In 1991, construction began on the new cathedral on its present site.

While this church in Fargo, North Dakota still sports the red doors typically found on Episcopal churches, it has a decidedly modern feel to it.

Gethsemane Episcopal Cathedral - Fargo, North Dakota

I realized I wanted a better picture of the Cathedral so on my last trip to Fargo, I stopped and got a few more shots. Plus it was a nicer day with the clear blue skies.

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  1. i would luv 2 c it inside, 2 know what the tall steeple area holds within it? enjoyed the history. neat story. ( ;

  2. i really like that funky 'echoing' spire!

  3. «Louis» will have an InSPIREd Sunday post up later today. It is an old Lutheran church in tiny (pop. 1,366) Ferndale, CA.

  4. it is quite lovely, I prefer that older style and this church has quite a history and that there is even any church on this site is quite amazing.

  5. I love the spire on this one.

  6. Having grown up in the Texas panhandle, «Louis» well remembers the winds from those Canadian cold fronts sweeping at high velocity across the plains - but he never encountered one strong enough to blow a church off its foundation!

  7. It has a very interesting façade - lovely.


  8. Goodness, rather a sad history but it's pretty the way it is now.


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