Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sunday Bridges - Spokane

Drive west along Interstate 90 and look north when crossing Hangman Creek. What a view!

Looking North at the Railroad and Vehicle Bridges over Hangman Creek

Linking to Sunday Bridges @ SFBay Daily Photo.


  1. Trying to work out your viewpoint I'm thinking you are on a third bridge - would that be a footbridge - it certainly looks to be a deep valley below.

    1. I was actually on Interstate 90 crossing over the creek. It is a long way down!

  2. Love the arches on the far bridge. Great drive by shot.

  3. Three bridges on a row. Like the aqueduct like construction of what must be the oldest bridge. Thanks for showing.

  4. Beautiful photo of bridges!
    Have a nice sunday! RW & SK

  5. Good one, Sally! A "two-fer" for Sunday Bridges. «Louis» has seen these bridges - but it has been more than 20 years ago!

  6. Driveby shot snapped at exactly the right moment .... loving this! (We thought we might make it on up to Spokane this summer, when we were in Clarkston, but time ran out on us.

  7. Great bridges and really nice composition! Love it!


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