Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - Thread Management

Being fairly new to quilting, I haven't gotten as organized as I like. With the planned sewing room, I hope to eventually get a grip on my fabrics and supplies. Until then, I took some time this weekend to clean up my mess in my temporary sewing space. I thought I would share what I am doing to keep my spools of thread and bobbins under control.

First, I am using a thread box by ArtBin. I picked it up at Joann Fabrics on sale. They frequently have these boxes on sale at 50% off so wait and buy it then. Trust me! (I just checked online and they are on sale NOW! Regularly $29.99, On Sale $14.99)

ArtBin Thread Box

Last fall, my mom sent me a sandwich baggie full of mini hair scrunchies. I thought "what the heck is she thinking?" Then it dawned on me. You put one of these around your bobbin as a thread keeper. You can pick up a bag of these at your local dollar store for one dollar. I think the bag my mom purchased came with 100 pieces. Cheap and clever! Way to go, Mom!

Mini Hair Scrunchies

Bobbin Before
Bobbin After

Once I got my bobbins neatened up, I put them underneath the matching thread spool. The thread box is deep enough to do this, even with different size spools, and the cover will still close and latch properly.

Thread Spools and Bobbins

No more trying to figure out what bobbin goes with what spool, especially if you have colors that are close in hue. Plus everything is in one place rather than the bobbins in a separate box.

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