Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fire in the Sky - Again

Fire season is upon us here in North Central Washington state. There are several fires burning including one near Lake Chelan. When I stepped outside this evening, not only could you see the smoke wafting down valley but you could smell it. Brings back memories of last year. Not good memories either.

I can only hope the idiots with fireworks are smarter than I give them credit for and they don't shoot them off tonight. We do not need a fire here in the Methow Valley. Conditions are ripe and the wind is blowing. It wouldn't take but a small spark to ignite a large fire.

Smoke as seen up valley

Vibrant Sunset

Hope your Fourth of July was happy and safe!


  1. Beautiful images. The fires are scary but the smoke does make lovely sunsets. Hope you had a happy and safe 4th of July!

  2. Very beautiful, but I hope you don't have any fires start by you (oh anywhere for that matter)

  3. I was wondering were that smoke was coming from! We got home from Brewster fireworks around 11, and it was so strong smelling, we thought the fire was near by. I hate to say this, but I wish it was October.

  4. Very glad to live in a place where fireworks are not allowed. Hope all is well, you're safe, and the smoke dissipates quickly.

  5. We read about the Wenatchee fire while still in Florida and I thought about you and your last fire season. Now back in Oregon ... And it is so dry here even on the western side. I hope you are safe. Do keep us posted.

  6. Just checking in Sally. Hope you are doing well.


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