Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sculptures by Ken Nyberg

On one of my explorations of Otter Tail County, Minnesota, I went to the town of Vining. On purpose, too. I had read of large sculptures being located there so I had to see them for myself. Weather conditions were less than optimal and the light for taking photos was terrible, but I went and did it any way. Who wants to be cooped up in a hotel room when the world is out there waiting for you?

Vining was easy to find and so were the sculptures. All of them are the creation of Ken Nyberg, a resident of Otter Tail County. His whimsical sculptures start out as scrap metal that are joined together into oversized works of art. Many of the sculptures are located in Nyberg Park and others are scattered throughout town and across the county.

I think one of my favorites was the astronaut sculpture. One of Ken's children is Karen Nyberg, a NASA astronaut who traveled to the International Space Station in 2008. If you have been following my blog, you might recall my excitement at finally going to Kennedy Space Center in Florida earlier this year.

I also liked the giant cup of coffee sculpture. 

A Few of the Sculptures by Ken Nyberg

I encourage you that if you ever have the opportunity to visit Vining (preferably in the summer months) stop into the store next to Nyberg Park, sign the guest book, and pick up the brochure about Ken's sculptures. Then get started on your own sculpture finding trip across Vining and Otter Tail County.


  1. the clothes pin made me smile. :)

  2. These are great sculptures. I am definitely going to have to make a trip up that way this summer.

  3. These are very cool. I like the coffee cup and pliers. And of course, the elephant. Almost every town has something in the way of unique.


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