Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Want One

Wouldn't this be fun to play around in! (But what's up with the spare tire?)


  1. Oh my gosh. You can have it! Brr. (Neat picture, funny catch!)

  2. LOL good questions! It would be fun to ride in one of those. Much warmer than a snowmobile.

  3. you have me giggling about the spare tire. that is too funny. those are triangle tires, right??! wild. i wonder if you can get a ride with that dude??! awesome!! ( :

  4. I didn't even notice the spare tire. Good eye Sally!
    It does look like a pretty cool vehicle.

  5. Good point about the tyre! Ho ho!!

  6. Well this just looks like good old fun! Fun, fun, funny post! Aloha


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