Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow Drags

I went and watched my very first snowmobile drag races on Saturday. Stood on the frozen lake while the racers went flashing by. It was an interesting and exciting experience. Until my feet got too cold. I need a set of liners for my boots to help keep my toes warm.

There were all kinds of sleds being raced. From older models such as these that could pop a "wheelie"... a more modern style like these... these lean mean racing machines. Even the graphics are intimidating!

I noticed that some of the sleds and their drivers had to cross the scale after their races. Not sure if it was just the winner of the heat or what. It looked official, that is for sure.

In between the heats, sweeping of the racing lanes and some other kind of grooming took place. This contraption looked and sounded like a modified weed eater machine.

Some of the teams have invested quite a bit of money into their operation including their haulers. Check out the glass doors on the back of the trailer. Keeps the heat in so the team can stay warm! (on a side note...all of these rigs were parked on the ice.)

Here's one way to move a small racing sled around. Many of the larger sleds had their rear track up on rack that was pushed around on the ice (see the one Yamaha photo above).

Why would they move the sleds around like this? To not chew up the ice in the pits and damage the sled track. Look at the metal studs on them! That is how they get traction on the ice. I wouldn't want to get run over by one of those!

All in all, it was a fun couple of hours outdoors watching a new sport. You should try it sometime. Just bring warm clothes and wear snow boots to keep your feet warm. :-)


  1. Snowmobile races would be interesting. I've never been to one. My daughter's boyfriend races a lot. There is a big race in Waconia next Sunday but I don't think I will get there. I really don't like standing out in the cold.

  2. those racing sleds are something else! the older models reminded me of my wisconsin upbringing. :)

  3. You did a fine job of covering the snow mobile races. I had no idea that some racers were to exotic in design. I would be all for liners to keep the feet warm.

  4. That looks like tremendous fun - but no doubt an expensive hobby! I don't think we get those in the UK - certainly not around here...pity!

  5. Not something I'm likely to see in this lifetime -- and something I'd never even imagined. Boy those do look intimidating.

  6. Really good event coverage Sally! These people are really serious about it. I'd like to see it in person some time.


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