Friday, August 8, 2014

Firestorm 2014 - The Aftermath

This shows the overall progression of the Carlton Complex fires (from InciWeb ); over 250,000 acres burned; 3,000 plus personnel at peak of fire; 300 homes lost. As of today, 8/8/14, fire is still burning in some areas and is 91% contained.

Progression Map - Carlton Complex

The pictures say it all.

Smoke in the air coming up Hwy 97 towards Pateros

What's left of a telephone pole

Another destroyed pole

Yet Another Pole Destroyed by Flames

Power Company to the Rescue!

Lost Home

Remains of a couple of vehicles

Former Gold Creek Fruit Stand

Fire Retardant (Red colored areas)

Glimpse of Fire Retardant near Balky Hill

Survivor among the blackened landscape (and the Power Company at work!)

Burn Area

More Burn Area

Missing Guard Rail Posts

Burnt Fence Poles

Pateros Sign at Site of Large Sign that Burned

Smokey Bear Survived Not Too Far from Pateros Sign

A Small Glimpse of Fire Camp at Liberty Bell High School, Winthrop

Guess what? It's not over yet.


  1. Oh Sally -- devastating .... because we're traveling I've missed seeing the pictures (have read news accounts on Internet, but no TV, so these are the first pix I've seen.) Horrible damage. I am so glad you got home OK and that your own home was apparently unharmed. I can't imagine how awful it must have been for you while you were in Minnesota trying to keep in touch.

    (I'm commenting on both your last posts, and again, very glad I am here where I could read 'the rest of the story'.)

  2. These after fire photos bring back memories of last year in Yarnell.

  3. bless the firefighters AND the utility workers!

  4. That is terrible and very sad. Unfortunately is seems like it's a way of life these days. Thanks for the photos.


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