Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Watery Wednesday - The Mighty Mississippi

On one of my recent weekend stays in Minnesota, I sought out the Headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca State Park north of Park Rapids. I almost didn't venture out that Sunday. The day started out with freezing fog. I just about landed on my butt in the hotel parking lot trying to get to my car. Back to my room I went to wait for warmer temps. Attempt #2 about an hour later found conditions the same. Back to my room I went to wait for warmer temps.

Finally around 11:30 a.m., the fog started to lift and the temperature was above freezing. I decided to head north to Itasca for fear a future weekend would find me looking at snow and not being able to go at all. I am so glad I did!

A short path from the parking lot takes you to the Headwaters. The sign post says, "Here 1475 ft above the ocean the Mighty Mississippi begins to flow on it's winding way 2552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico".  Even though Lake Itasca was frozen, there was water flowing across the rocks separating the lake from the start of the river.

I found it interesting that the river flows north towards Bemidji before heading south.

Headwaters of the Mississippi River

Looking across the stones separating Lake Itasca and the start of the river

Starting the Journey Down River

More of the Mississippi River

It was worth the trip! At least I thought so. Who would believe I stood in the water at the start of the Mighty Mississippi River?

Standing in the headwaters of the Mississippi River

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  1. Great photos of the headwaters of the Mississippi!
    I was there many years ago but don't have any photos.
    I'm so glad you are enjoying exploring our state while you are here Sally.

  2. Now that is really cool!! Great photos of the source!! :)

  3. Beautiful scenes of the Mississippi! Loved your photos, thanks for sharing. Happy WW!

  4. I think that is awesome! Hard to believe the mighty Mississippi starts so small. Great photos!

  5. the rocks and the burbling water are beautiful. thanks for braving it and sharing it! :)

  6. You even had on the right footware to stand in the mighty Mississippi. Camped near there long ago and was eaten alive by the state bird, mozies.

  7. Beautiful shots!
    I really like the 'self-portrait'!

  8. What a cool & interesting post! I wouldn't mind visiting there to see the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi for myself...
    So glad you linked up to WW! =)

  9. What a neat thing to do---standing in the headwaters. thanks for the little journey.

    The fire shot on my blog was at the Cle Elum-Teanaway fires. Pretty tragic. The ranch my daughter lives on in EW has it's own fire trucks-water truck etc. and she is certified to drive them and handle the pumper truck. All the ranches there have the equipment---they have to. MB

  10. You did it! Congratulations. We were in Bemidji once (one of Bill's sisters lives there); can't believe we didn't get to the headwaters.

  11. Perfect watery wednesday post by the way -- the mightiest of waters!

  12. Such a humble beginning for such a mighty river! I'm glad you stuck it out and got your shots--and got to stand in the headwaters of the Mississippi.

  13. great watery shots. i love the boot shot. fun, fun, fun. ( :


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