Sunday, April 21, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday - Immaculate Conception

From December, snow on the roof. It probably still has snow since winter doesn't seem to want to end in Minnesota this year. I do like the addition of the stone work amidst the brick.

Immaculate Conception - Rice, Minnesota


  1. love the stone work, just gorgeous

    - would you email me - i was trying to find your email address but not sure if i have the right person? thanks! ( :

  2. I like the stonework among the bricks too! I hope the snow is gone off the roof now.

  3. The stonework is very pretty! Winter does seem to be lingering on up north this year.

  4. Silly Sally saw some spectacular Sunday spire!
    Thanks for following my Eagan Daily Photo blog, Sally!

  5. The stonework makes a lovely addition, like a natural mural.


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