Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TwoFer Tuesday - Soaking up the Sun

The two of us from my last snowmobile ride of the season at the end of March back in Washington at Hart's Pass...

George & Sally Taking in Some Sun - Snow Style!

Whew! Snowmobiling can be tiring!

** Starting this Saturday evening, Beth (from www.elizardbreathspeaks.com) and I are launching a "new" meme for InSPIREd Sunday. If you have been following my blog, you know I frequently post a picture of a spire. We are opening it up to pictures of churches, temples. wherever church services are held. Come join us! **


  1. Not exactly my idea of sunbathing but you sure look happy.

  2. You can get pretty sunburned snow bathing or whatever you could call it. very cute.
    I liked your comment on my blog. I was trying to be funny--but most commenters were like eweeeeee!! Oh well farmgirl humor. haha! MB

  3. Brrrr, not for me any more, but you guys look like you were having a wonderful time. (I guess it's a really good thing that you like snow given the places where you hang out ;>)!)

  4. Usually when I'm laying in the snow, it's because I'm a terrible skier!


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