Saturday, June 22, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday - Chapel on the Hill

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Today's picture is the Chapel on the Hill in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I was out driving around earlier this year and sort of got lost. I turned on my GPS function on my phone to get me back to familiar territory and it sent me down a gravel road. That in itself isn't unusual out here - there are plenty of gravel country roads. Then again, I've heard of horror stories, especially in the winter, where people follow their GPS directions only to get stranded on snow-bound roads.

So off I go following the GPS directions. I crested a hill and lo and behold! A coppery spire catches my eye off in the distance. I ignored the GPS and headed towards the church. It was a fabulous find for me.

What little information I could find says this was originally Hamden Lutheran Church and was moved to its present location from nearby Audubon. It is a non-denominational church and is only open for services during the Summer months. You can also rent it out for a wedding.

Chapel on the Hill - Detroit Lakes, Minnesota


  1. thanks, for setting up the new blog for the "Inspired Sunday" meme ... too fun!!

    great church this week ... glad to see you got stuck down a gravel road ... it was meant to be. so cool! ( :

  2. what a pretty little place! congrats on launching 'spire's' own site!

  3. Great looking church with a fine bell tower.

  4. Love the spires and the gold roof. What a beautiful setting.

  5. I especially like the paint scheme this beautiful church. Nice find!

  6. Pretty little white church...perfect wedding chapel!

  7. That's a beautiful little church!

  8. What a grand steeple! Very nice! Twyla


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