Saturday, June 1, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday - First Lutheran

Sorry I'm late getting this post up! I was quilting and lost track of time. It is not often that I am home long enough to play with my new machine.

Beth from "E." Lizard Breath Speaks and I host photos each weekend of churches, temples or other buildings where religious services are held.

This week's photo is from First Lutheran Church in Audubon, Minnesota. I like the clean, simple lines of the steeple.

First Lutheran Church - Audubon, Minnesota


  1. i missed last week. you are late this week. it's all good, right??! ha. ha!! makes me laugh how things happen sometimes. enjoy your weekend.

    love all these details. nice!! ( :

  2. I like the quaint looking spire.

  3. I like the stark simplicity of this tower. A fine subject for a shot that is very impressive. Excellent!

  4. Those MN Lutherans really know how to build beautiful church steeples. Am really enjoying your selections.

  5. Lovely picture -- and I'm glad you're finding some time to quilt!


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