Saturday, June 15, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday - Republic LDS

Welcome to InSPIREd Sunday where Beth from "E." Lizard Breath Speaks and I host photos each weekend of churches, temples or other buildings where religious services are (or were) held.

First let me apologize to those who posted last week. I was unable to visit each one of you. I have been without internet all week and am lucky to get this post up.  Hopefully I will be able to resolve this situation soon. Although it sort of has been kinda nice being disconnected.

It's easy to share your shot in InSPIREd Sunday.
  1. The meme opens each Saturday at 6 p.m. Eastern Time until Monday at noon.
  2. Post a picture of a church, temple, or other fabulous architectural building where religious services are held. If you know the name of the building, include it.
  3. Include the InSPIREd Sunday Badge on your post.
  4. Visit others who are linking up to meme whenever possible.
Church of Jesus Christ of LDS - Republic, Washington

Happy Father's Day to those celebrating on Sunday.  Pop was certainly an inspiration to me and I still miss him after all these years.

My Dad - Frank D.


  1. glad you have internet again - even if intermittently! nice little spire.

  2. neat spire - joining you with my Stockport blog - hope a simple link is OK - I don't really do "badges" - will be offline for week from Monday so may not be able to comment much for a while.

  3. really enjoy the clouds. have a great weekend. ( :

  4. A fine church to post. Your dad's picture reminds all of us with "dads now gone" of our loved one.

  5. Such a great shot, Sally. Especially appreciate the way that cleanly designed steeple is accented by the line of dark green trees and "white fluff" sky. Your Dad looks like what we sometimes call a good "girl" daddy?

  6. That is a lovely spire! Reminds me of the new LDS church in the next town. :)

  7. P.S. Great picture of your dad! I still miss mine too.

  8. Great church steeple....I didn't participate this past week, but we try to be there this Sunday. I just love your meme.


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