Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Abandoned Schoolhouse

I was out for a drive a few weeks ago because I had enough of winter and was suffering from cabin fever. I came across this really neat abandoned schoolhouse.

Abandoned Schoolhouse Near Ada, MN

Check out what looks to be old bulletin or display boards on the back wall

Imagine the ringing of the school bell

Linking up to Rubbish Tuesday - a new meme of old things.


  1. oh, that's awesome! this would fit really well with a new meme that rubbish by roan has started this week. wanted to share her site if you want to link in!


  2. You have beautiful photos of this old school house. Your work reminds me of some of Greg Latza's photos of prairie churches.

  3. Thanks for linking up. Great shots of this old building. I really like it in black and white, also.

  4. That's truly a great find! It looks quite intact for an abandoned place.

  5. Oh if the walls could speak. A building with true character.

  6. Great photos! Using Black and White makes it look all the more abandoned.

  7. Neat shots, Sally. The B&W edit really sets a tone.

  8. What a great find. Reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. Can you just imagine going to school in one of these small schools.

  9. You are the second blog friend I've found linking to 'rubbish' ... I have taken a lot of abandoned building shots so I'll probably enter her meme one of these times. These are great pictures -- poignant as abandoned buildings are always to me.


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