Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Bridges - Interstate 84 in Oregon & Idaho

Even though the Sunday Bridges meme is no longer around, I still like bridges and will continue to share one or more each Sunday.

I-84 & US 395 Interchange - Stanfield, Oregon (Part of the Old Oregon Trail Highway)

Close Up Shot of Horses

Railroad Bridge east of Glenns Ferry, Idaho


  1. i really like the horses running! i'd imagine that might be a bit distracting as you drive and try to look at them. :)

  2. Very unusual, love the running horses!

  3. Honestly, I can almost hear that train rumbling over my head. And I love (and remember) the other bridge!

  4. Oh I like the horses running across the bridge. - There is one near the Dalles, OR that has fish jumping on it that's pretty neat too.

  5. Nice photos! The horses are a creative touch.


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