Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good Fences - It Takes All Kinds

On our recent trip to Nevada, we passed several different kinds of snow fencing. I started snapping photos in Oregon.

Oregon - Along I-84

More Along I-84 in Oregon

Even more along I-84 in Oregon

Little did we know that the next day we would actually be driving in the snow. In a Corvette, no less! If that didn't add some stress and/or excitement to the day! Whew. I was glad when we finally got far enough south in Nevada to get out of the snow zone.

Along US 93 in Nevada

More from US 93

One More from US 93

As you can see, it takes all kinds of fencing to help keep the drifting snow off of the roadways in the winter.

I am joining up with the Run*A*Round Ranch and the Good Fences meme which was recently started to take the place of Friday's Fences.


  1. Thank goodness for the snow fences. But really, in a corvette?

  2. HI Well I have never heard of a snow fence as we really don't need them in northern Ireland so it was lovely to see the different varieties of them and to know their purpose. They must be very strong and erected very well to keep the snow from drifting. have a great weekend.

  3. The first thing that popped into my head upon seeing your 1st photo (a snow fence) and yep later on you had snow with the fence. Great post.

  4. Fascinating. We don't get snow fences in Britain - though someone's bound to correct me and point out that there are a pack of 'em just up the road!

  5. wow! really changes the scenery with snow! :) and really interesting types of fences. the last one is more what i was used to for snow fencing in wis. those are really awesome!

    thanks for linking in!!

  6. What an interesting variety of snow fences. I hope you didn't have to drive far in the snow in the Corvette.
    have a great weekend.

  7. Great series for the Fences meme -- these are useful and necessary and actually quite beautiful the way you photographed them. We've driven that highway when it was snowing -- probably in the middle of the summer ;>)! And I think they do have to close that road in the winter sometimes...(?).

  8. That's a lot of fences! Take care of that car!


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