Monday, May 19, 2014

Death Valley, Part 1 - Colors in the Earth

At the beginning of April, we traveled through Death Valley National Park. Its a place I have always wanted to visit and luckily had the opportunity to spend a few hours there (better than none at all!).

I was fascinated with the multitude of colors and layers in the landscape as we journeyed through.

Heading toward the park via Bell Vista Road out of Pahrump, Nevada

Another view along Bell Vista Road

Tomorrow, more scenes from Death Valley.


  1. A fine trip along the road to this famous place. Excellent shots of the hillsides and mountains.

  2. just beautiful earthy colors and rugged country!

  3. Great pictures. I like the composition, framing and colors.

  4. Wow the countryside is awesome. Love the colors in the rocks too and those 1st two shots are just fantastic with the view of the highway and the countryside.

  5. Great photos Sally! I love Death Valley. Part of it's beauty lies in the amazing and varied geology of the place. I haven't been there in a long time, but as a kid I spend a great deal of time there.

  6. The colors are spectacular in Death Valley and you captured them well.

  7. What a fantastic trip! Beautiful colors! Great scenery! I'm so glad you got to go. We will have to remember April as a good time for such a trip.


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