Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Death Valley, Part 3 - The Road to Panamint Springs

After leaving the below sea level elevation of Mustard Canyon (-197 ft), it was time to climb and climb and climb some more. We were headed southwest on Hwy 190 toward the Panamint Mountains. Ohmigoodness, when we finally caught sight of the valley floor below us, it was breathtaking!

The Road Waaaay Down on the Valley Floor From High Up in the Panamint Range

Getting Closer
Reminds Me of a Slide at the Carnival. Weeeee!

Once we crossed the valley floor, you start the steep climb again up into the mountains, passing through Panamint Springs. We stopped at a view point once up on top.

Looking Back at the Panamint Valley from Father Crowley Viewpoint

From here, we continued westward towards the Eastern Sierras where we would turn and make our way north.

Tomorrow, the flora of Death Valley.


  1. wow! a (daring) skateboarder's dream! :)

  2. Looks like a roller coaster!
    Nice photos...

  3. Wow those shots of the seemingly endless road are just amazing. It did look a bit like a roller coaster ride with all those up and down hills on the highway.

  4. It's fascinating how the road looks like it is going straight up! :-) I meant to say too that seeing the Borax mine had to be great!


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