Thursday, May 22, 2014

Death Valley, Part 4 - Timing is Everything

Visiting Death Valley at the beginning of April was perfect timing in my opinion. It wasn't too hot yet (70 degs F during the day) and many of the flowers were in bloom. Enjoy!!

Beavertail Cactus

Beavertail Cactus

Beavertail Cactus Flower


Mojave Suncup

Mojave Aster

Purple Phacelia

After leaving the park boundaries, we passed through a zone at a still high elevation scattered with Joshua trees. I didn't realize we would find Joshua Trees here. I always thought they were only found farther south in the Mojave Desert. The trees were in bloom, too.

Joshua Tree

Almost Ready to Bloom

Joshua Tree Flower

Another Joshua Tree Flower

I love the desert in the Spring when the flowers are in bloom. This was an unplanned treat for us and am glad we decided to drive home through Death Valley.

Tomorrow, views of the Eastern Sierras.


  1. just beautiful! love those vibrant pink prickly pears! ours bloom only yellow, here.

  2. Beautiful flowers and great photos of them. I've been around Joshua Trees forever, but I can't remember ever seeing one in bloom.

  3. Beautiful flower shots. That was a great time to be there. We stayed a week during Spring break one year (long time ago, pre-retirement) ... end of March. Weather was nice, but not nearly so many flowers.

  4. After only seeing Death Valley in the fall your images of the flowers entices me for a spring visit.

  5. Oh, wow! fantastic shots of some beautiful floral displays in the desert! I particularly loved seeing the Joshua tree in bloom. Really neat. Yep, April is the best time to head that way! :-)


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