Saturday, July 19, 2014

InSPIREd Sunday - St. Mary's

Welcome to this weekend's edition of InSPIREd Sunday.

Here is another example of spotting a tall spire from a distance.

Getting to this church was a bit of a challenge because of the railroad tracks. Trying to find the crossing required a few blocks of back tracking once I got into town. But it was worth it!

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Waverly, Minnesota

Backside of the church in the setting sun

Linking to InSPIREd Sunday - a weekly meme of religious architecture.


  1. i guess you call her the mother Mary? ... that is such a gorgeous church. love those spires. ( :

  2. the golden hour light is awesome!

  3. I love the shot from the distance....I try to do the same when I photograph a church or courthouse. It gives the viewer more perspective of where you are photographing. Great looking church.

  4. Gorgeous Church.
    Greeting from Belgium,Tomorrow it is National Day in Belgium

  5. The long spires are very strong, eye-catching elements with which to spot this church across the city.
    Fine shots show us detail and how the church looks under warm light. Well done.

  6. Beautiful!


  7. Looks like a big church. did you get inside?

  8. I always enjoy churches that can be seen from afar. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. Very tall spire and lots of stone work.
    The most striking thing about these photos is the awesome lighting in last several photos.


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