Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stormy Morning Sky

Driving home from Minnesota the other weekend, I had good weather except for Sunday morning. I awoke to light rain showers and a faint rainbow in Bozeman, Montana. Just west of Belgrade, the sky to the south was very dark and I was hoping I wouldn't have to drive through any storms. I lucked out with just the occassional shower between there and Butte.

Morning Sky Looking South Just West of Belgrade, Montana

Go check out some other great sky shots at Skywatch Friday!


  1. Glad you didn't have to drive through any storms! Pretty rural scene. I see they have a big irrigation system.
    Have a Happy 4th weekend!

  2. gosh, that looks intense! but such a GORGEOUS scene, too! glad you were safe!

  3. That green landscape is beautiful under the big Montana sky! That's what I like, seeing the green results of rain without actually having to be in it! (And I really hate to drive in a downpour now although I sure did my share all those Oregon winters.


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