Monday, July 7, 2014

I Love a Parade - Part 2

I found my missing parade photos!! My camera started a new folder and I wasn't paying attention to what was on my SD card. I happen to take some additional photos yesterday and when I went to get them, guess what I found?! Hip, hip, hooray!

Our Turn is Next

Feeling the Cool (even got a water drop on the lens)

Ahhhhh! Refreshing!

Time to Soak Another Group
Since it got up into the low 90's today, I would LOVE to go do this part of the parade again.


  1. that's fun. :) got to 98 today again, here.

  2. Looks like a fun parade! Great shots.

  3. Boy I bet that water felt wonderful. Now that the Parade day is past you will need to run through the sprinkler.

  4. wow, i bet the kids loved it so much. well, kids at heart that is. not the ladies & men wanting to keep their hair looking pretty??! ha. ha!! ( :


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