Monday, July 22, 2013

Barn Charm - Pelican Rapids

An Early May Day Near Big Cormorant Lake - Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

Linking to Tricia's Barn Charm at the Bluff Area Daily. Come be charmed!


  1. A great looking barn picture. I like the natural rock foundation or base for the barn. Very attractive image.

  2. Wonderful looking barn! I like the foundation!

  3. The gray and white of this barn seem to match the gray skies and bare branches of a cold spring day.

  4. I love this classic style of barn

  5. That is a true beauty this barn!!! A foundation is wonderful! And so strong! And the white wood is so beautiful! Somebody built this barn with such pride and such love.

    Very charming barn and very special! You took an amazing picture of this barn!


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