Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fences - Phelps Mill

Phelps Mills - Maine, Minnesota

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  1. what a great location. hope to see that one day. another one to add to the list of "must see".

    have a great weekend. ( :

  2. This is a lovely mill! I didn't know there was a Maine, MN. What you can't learn about your state from someone from WA. :0)
    I am going to have to make a trip up to that part of Minnesota. You find so many interesting things!

  3. I just find mills so fascinating. What a pretty place. Have you been to the old Thorp mill in Thorp, Wa? MB

  4. Very beautiful!

  5. Nice shot, Sally. Really like the falls in this one.

  6. Oh wow! This is simply stunning!

  7. As neat as a pin -- what a beautiful place in a beautiful spot.


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