Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pedal Faster!

How would you like to try racing in one of these?

Lund Drag Boat

After the Lund Mania fishing tournament, folks gathered in downtown New York Mills for the Second Annual Boatville Drags, the awarding of the tournament prizes and then the parade. I cheered on my office mates in the "boat" races, watched the awards presentation but I skipped the parade. By that time, I was tired and ready to head to my house. I wanted to beat the incoming thunderstorm, too.

On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!!!!!

Pedal Faster!

Top Team (seated) and Runners-Up (Standing)


  1. adorable!!! i want to try one!!

  2. that is wild. i want to race. wonder how difficult it would be to drive one of those things? ( :

  3. What fun! That looks like an absolute blast!

  4. Those little boats are just too cute!! :)


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