Saturday, September 7, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday - One More From the Enchanted Highway

While I was scanning for the next sculpture along the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota I spotted a tall spire off in the distance. (A somewhat flat landscape has its advantages sometimes.)

Spire in the Distance

We rolled into the quiet little town of Lefor. No bustling downtown, no post office or stores, just a few dirt lanes lined with homes and a Catholic church. Everything was neat and tidy around the church. Founded in 1898, St. Elizabeth's Parish is part of the Diocese of Bismarck.

St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church - Lafor, North Dakota

As we pulled back out onto the Enchanted Highway, we noticed the Lefor State Bank. Well, what's left of it. :-)

Lefor State Bank
I hope you enjoyed our trip down the Enchanted Highway. If you are ever in southwest North Dakota near Dickinson, take the detour and see these amazing sculptures for yourself!

Meanwhile, come join us at InSPIREd Sunday and share your photos of religious buildings - be it a church, temple or other architectural detail.


  1. i like the criss-cross pattern in the brick! very cool. thanks for sharing all of that area with us!

  2. awesome. love all those details. neat seeing it from so many angles.

    never been 2 north dakota. would love 2 one day soon. ( :

  3. You've captured some lovely photos of this beautiful building. I'd love to know the story behind the Lefor State Bank. Guess I should Google it.

  4. Such a beautiful steeple on this one! Twyla

  5. Pretty spire against the blue sky. I like the remnants of the state bank too.
    Thanks for the tour down the enchanted highway. I just scrolled down to see all the sculptures.

  6. Wonderful brick work on the church.

  7. Wow, the architecture in this building is really amazing. Love all the angles and brickwork.

  8. I'm glad you followed up on the distant steeple. A fine series of this solid looking church. Very good pictures.


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