Saturday, September 14, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday - Sacred Heart

One of the great things about two lane highways out in the middle of what seems like nowhere are the various things you see. Like this abandoned church on U.S. Highway 2 (The Hi-Line) in Harlem, Montana, on the Fort Belknap Agency Indian Reservation.  I had a hard time even finding out the name of it - Sacred Heart Catholic Church. I used the satellite view in Google Maps and retraced that part of our route, looking for the red roof.

The mission-style architecture seems so out of place for the Great Plains of Montana. The salmon pink hue of the adobe appears to be withstanding the forces of Mother Nature although the roof could use some work.

Do you think a bell used to hang in the recess?

Nice fan light over the doors

From what little information I could find, the cemetery is still being used as evidenced by the flowers in the lower right corner of this photo.

Sacred Heart Church and Cemetery - Harlem, Montana

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  1. This is a beautiful old church. I love the salmon color and the red roof. Too bad it is abandoned.

  2. it is beautiful. sorry the building is no longer utilized.

  3. I love the Spanish influenced churches all across our country.
    BTW: Hwy 2 is closed at Leavenworth so now the detour is the other way. Go figure. MB

  4. What a great find! It seems to be sitting all alone out on the prairie and still seems to be in remarkably good condition. Makes you wonder how long since it's bee used.

  5. I think perhaps it held a small statue at one time, this is so beautiful and I can only imagine what it must have been like to come upon it, like a mirage.

  6. Though it's abandoned, the message it sends is clear that it's christian and house of the Lord.
    I like the statuary niche. Would love to be able to look inside.
    Happy Sunday

  7. What a great building you found! I love seeing sights like this that have weathered the times so well.

  8. I grew up on the Hi-Line and other spots in Montana. I still remember when this church was still in use. There would be buckboards, buggies and horses tied up at the gate. If my memory serves me well, the bell was on the wooden tower. It was still in use when I left for the Navy in the Fall of 1973 but closed some time after that. I was home to hunt in 84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90 and 91 and it was closed in those years.

    1. Thanks for the additional information. Much appreciated!!


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