Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TwoFer Tuesday - Roadside Art

Travel along Minnesota Highway 47 on the southeastern side of Mille Lacs Lake, it is hard to miss the giant fish at Johnson's Portside just outside of the town of Isle. It's a bait, tackle and liquor store all in one. You don't think those fisherman come up with those fish tales on their own, do ya? Nah, it requires a little liquid encouragement.

Massive Muskie

Mean Walleye

In keeping with the fishing theme, I'll add in the water tower painted as a bobber in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.


  1. another one for the books - i need to keep a list for sure. those are some monster fish. ha. ha!!! ( :

  2. oh, i LOVE the water tower! those are fierce fish!

  3. Don't want to meet that walleye in a dark Lake! Jeez! The water tower is cute.

  4. Those are some gnarly looking fish.

  5. Great finds and photos! I LOVE to find these things.


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