Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inspired Sunday - From Grand to Small

Last week I shared photos of the Cathedral of Saint Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota, a grand and impressive structure. This week I am taking you in the opposite direction. You've seen those little roadside chapels, right? Well, I have got one even smaller than that!

This little gem stands about five feet tall to the top of the wooden crosses.

Kedron Memorial Chapel - Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

From a nearby wooden plaque:


Built and Dedicated in June 2008

The Kedron Memorial Chapel was constructed as close as possible to the same design as the Kedron Free Lutheran Church (organized under the name of the Sions Menighed Church). The original church was built on this site in 1910 by a small group of pioneers and dedicated as the Kedron Free Lutheran Church in September 1913. The name Kedron (Kidron) was taken from St. John, Chap. 18, Vs. 1. They worshiped here for a period of 47 years, 1910 - 1957. At that time they merged with Our Savior's Lutheran Church of Pequot Lakes, and the structure was dismantled. Two of the windows were salvaged and glass from one of them has been used in the basement windows of this chapel. 

We dedicate the Kedron Memorial Chapel to God and in memory of: the pioneers who established the Kedron Church; the pastors who served it; the membership who worshiped there and those who chose the Kedron Cemetery for their final resting place.

Look closely to see the cemetery in the background

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  1. that is so wild. so tiny. i love it!!
    makes you want to say AWWW!! ( :

  2. How interesting...I wonder why they didn't just rebuild a full sized church??? It is charming!

  3. Now, that's something quite different! It's truly a unique memorial.


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