Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday's Barn - Snow Has Arrived

To celebrate the early arrival of winter in west central Minnesota, a barn from last year with snow. Yes, it snowed Saturday night but luckily I am in Washington for a week.

Broken - New York Mills, Minnesota


  1. some one is breaking down. poor thing ... i shared Canadian barns today. ( :
    a barn kind of monday, i guess. ha. ha!!

  2. Not ready for the first snow fall here in my neck of the woods! I do think it will be here sooner than later though!

  3. A fine shot of this seriously broken barn. Too bad to see it crumble this way. Nice post.

  4. Poor old barn. I will be posting a barn photo today too.
    We didn't get the snow in SW MN, just a few flakes this morning.

  5. Awww, it's back is broken, but is makes a good subject...

  6. Poor old thing... there are so many abandoned barns that we see on our roadtrips.


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