Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Am A Lineman for the County

This gives new meaning to the lyrics of the old Glen Campbell song "Wichita Lineman".  Along Interstate 94 in West Central Minnesota, new power poles are being installed. This is how they are stringing the wires. How would you like to be the guy sitting on the helicopter skid doing that job? Not me!

They have signs posted as you enter the work zone that helicopters may be active in the area. On this particular day, I happened to have lucked out and saw one in action. I so wanted to pull over and take a picture but you can see the state patrol car in the photo below with his lights flashing to try and keep drivers aware and moving on (at least that is my theory). No rubbernecking allowed!


  1. Oh my gosh, amazing.. The things people do for a living boggle my mind sometimes. Great that you were able to take these action shots right under the nose of the trooper moving people right along.

  2. I've seen those big poles going up across MN and heard that they used helicopters to string the wires. but I have not seen one doing that. You couldn't get me up there. I don't like heights.

  3. what a view!!! think of the view!! the VIEW!!! ( :

  4. Oh.My.Word!! That is just crazy!
    P.S. Witchita Lineman is one of my favorite Glen Campbell songs. :)

  5. It isn't a job I'd volunteer for, that's for sure! You got some great photos without stopping.

  6. Oh my stars that is quite something.


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