Saturday, March 15, 2014

InSPIREd Sunday - Seven Dolors

Seven Dolors Catholic Church is located in Albany, Minnesota. Seven Dolors is a reference to the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary.

Here is a nice history of the church on the Seven Dolors website.

Linking to InSPIREd Sunday - a weekly meme featuring the architecture of religious buildings.


  1. wow, it is beautiful settled in the snow and framed by the blue sky!!!

  2. it is huge - it goes & goes. wow, i love the clock. but then i see the front doors. great find, sally!! ( :
    snow is headed our way in VA. could be an interesting week.

  3. Amazing similarities to the church that I posted today!

  4. thanks for 'seeing' and sharing [now you can go back to quilting with a good conscience] =) !!


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