Saturday, March 22, 2014

InSPIREd Sunday - St. Nicholas

If I have the extra time, I enjoy taking the backroads whenever I am going somewhere. Sure, the interstate or highway will get you there faster, but you can miss so much just a few miles from the endless four or six lane wide ribbon of pavement. When I am repeatedly heading to the same destination, the desire to change up the route is even greater for me.

On one of my trips to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, I took yet another back road as I made my way over to the interstate. Out in the middle of the country I found St. Nicholas Catholic Church near Carlos, Minnesota. The cornerstone was laid in 1916.

Linking to InSPIREd Sunday - a weekly meme of religious architecture.


  1. really pretty church! i like the red brick - almost looks like adobe from far away. :)

  2. i am with you there - we love the back roads any old time. it is so better than those stinkin' interstate. boo hoo on them. have a great weekend, Sally. always a fan of a brick church. ( :

  3. Well worth the diversion away from the interstate, Sally!

    «Louis» posted "Our Lady of the Maytag".

  4. stately! looks like the manse or office building next door ?
    so much to discover when we take the long road...
    thanks for hosting and posting!

  5. Such a nice looking building. I bet it's much bigger than it looks in the photos.


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