Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday's Barn - Winter Barns

I just noticed how all of the older style silos have the checkerboard pattern at the top.

Eden Valley, Minnesota

Kimball, Minnesota

Watkins, Minnesota

Clearwater, Minnesota


  1. sweet barns! love the one with the little mini addition on the side. :)

  2. Beautiful skies over those perfect barns.... but there sure is a lot of that white stuff.

  3. Barns are always photogenic!!!...:)JP

  4. All beautiful midwest barns. Interesting about the checkerboard design. MB

  5. “…how all of the older style silos have the checkerboard pattern at the top. “ – Great observation, Sally. Now I wonder if it does has a purpose, or it's just a mere design to make it more attractive. Also, I like how old barns have round roofs, because most of the barns that I saw these days has the same triangular shape roof which makes them look too plain. These barns look unique and more appealing, in my opinion.


    1. Good questions, Paul! I think the rounded barns are fairly typical for this area of the country. Maybe it helps to shed the snow better. I imagine the checkerboard patterns on the silo are decorative rather than functional.


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