Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cashmere, Washington

It's hot here in Cashmere, Washington - home of Liberty Orchards Aplets and Cotlets factory. We drove into town this morning to take the tour, but alas, it is Saturday and the factory is not running. No tours, just a video to watch. Nah, not interested in watching it on TV.

Downtown Cashmere

We drove around town a little bit, made a quick stop at the local hardware store, picked up another bag of ice at the grocery and returned to the Chelan County Fairgrounds. No fair this weekend, just a place to camp since the campgrounds in the Wenatchee Valley are full. In fact, the county RV park in Wenatchee referred us to fairgrounds.

Chelan County Fairgrounds RV Parking Area

We've got full hookups - water, electric and sewer - for $25 a night. If you stay three nights or more, the rate is $20 a night. No trees here but it is a quiet place to stay. And the views aren't too shabby, either!

View Looking West

It must be the smoke particles in the air that are giving me another photo op for rays of light shooting from clouds in the sky. We saw them at home, at Beebe Park and again here in Cashmere.

More Rays from the Clouds at Sunset

There is one group fire ring in the RV area that we enjoyed to ourselves last night. No one else came to sit around the fire, not even the Good Sam Club Chapter that is camping here. We had a nice breeze blowing so it wasn't that it was too hot to sit around a campfire and swap stories.

This is a good place to camp if you want to explore the area. You are about 15 minutes from either Wenatchee or Leavenworth. Plus the town of Cashmere isn't bad either. They have a beautiful historic area that I'd like to go back and walk around.

Here's one place I want to come back and visit in town. It was too early this morning for this type of activity.

Mission District Wine Tasting

I thought about getting out my sewing machine this afternoon and setting it up outside on our picnic table to work on my quilt, but the humidity is high along with the temps. It would be a real sweatshop if I did so no quilting work today. We'll stay one more night here and then tomorrow we head home. Work beckons on Monday. Blech!


  1. Doesn't look like Cashmere has changed much in the last 20 years. Bummer about no aplets and cotlets.

    I liked to camp along the Icecycle River just north of Levenworth. But no hook ups in the forest.

    Safe trip home.

  2. Weekend camping trips are so much fun! We used to stay at Fairgrounds quite often in our trips across country....they're usually pretty nice.

    This morning Bill was reading about smoke from Siberia fires and I said, oh I knew all about that, I read it on Sally's blog yesterday. (Who needs newspapers these days ;>)


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