Sunday, July 29, 2012

InSPIREd Sunday & Caribbean Cruise Week - Galveston

This week I will be sharing photos from a cruise I took in March, back when I wasn't in the mood to do any blogging. Maybe this was the start of me getting back to photography. Who knows. But I sure did enjoy myself.

Since the cruise left from Galveston bound for the Western Caribbean, I will start the week off in Galveston. We had a day to ourselves before the ship was set to sail and we took the opportunity to explore downtown Galveston.

This set of spires is from St. Mary Cathedral Basilica on corner of 21st and Church Streets. It was built in 1848 and in 1884, these towers were heightened to eighty feet to bring them into proportion with a central tower on the church and the crosses were added.

St. Mary Cathedral Basilica - Galveston, Texas


  1. Nice spires. But I want to see the Caribbean cruise. So glad you came back to the blog world to share.

  2. Nice! I'm thinking you have some other great pics to share also!


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