Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Locomotive Jackpot

There is a rail line that runs north from Wenatchee along the Columbia River and then up through the Okanogan Valley. I rarely see trains on the rails and when I do, it's a one-engine set up with a dozen cars or so. Not much to get excited about.

When we stayed at Beebe Park campground last week, we heard the train whistle and I grabbed my camera just in case. Yowzer, a REAL train was heading south with THREE locomotives, several tanker cars, lumber cars, and some hoppers filled with what looked like grain or sawdust -- easily fifty cars linked up. But three engines. I felt like I hit the jackpot.

Count 'em - THREE Locomotives


  1. I'm not crazy about camping near trains but your picture is great ---

  2. I love trains. I don't even care if they wake me up at night!

  3. I am a retired conductor for the railroad. I worked for Burlington Northern for years, then worked for a mom and pop railroad that only used one engine and usually had about 10 cars. Now, that was fun! When we rode 12 hour days along a river, we would change into our shorts and sandals and sit on the engine of the train and wave at the people in their rafts floating by and the fishermen. What a job! I couldn't believe they actually paid me to do that job.


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