Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good Fences - Pompeys Pillar

There is some interesting history behind Pompeys Pillar located northeast of Billings, Montana along Interstate 94.

From the  BLM website...

During his return trip to St. Louis, William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition climbed the Pillar and carved his signature and the date int he sandstone. Clark wrote, "This rock I ascended and from it's top had a most extensive view in every direction on the Northerly Side of the river high romantic Clifts approach & just over the water for Some distance both above and below...I marked my name and the day of the month and year. "

While archeological digs and other recent research have uncovered artifacts that may have been left by the Corps of Discovery, Clark’s inscription is still the only remaining physical evidence of Lewis and Clark’s passing visible on their actual route.

Pompeys Pillar National Monument

Pompeys Pillar was made a national monument in January 2001. At 51 acres, it is one of the smallest national monuments. The base of it is approximately one acre in size. The pillar itself rises 150 feet above the nearby Yellowstone River.

Although I may not be able to link up this week, please check out other fences over at the Run*A*Round Ranch hosted by TexWisGirl.


  1. That whole Lewis and Clark expedition is just fascinating to me. How cool to see this site in person!

  2. an interesting place and piece of history, too! thanks for linking in, ms. sally!

  3. What a great place to seek out! Lovely view.

  4. gorgeous shots. Lewis & Clark made their rounds. they racked up some miles. ( :

  5. Lots of history here. Love both shots!

  6. beautiful area wonderfully captured

  7. Hey, I've been there. Did you walk up to see Clark's graffiti? I was kind of disappointed it was framed off and under discolored Plexiglas but I guess it had to be in order to protect it. People! Well you gave me an idea, when I run out of Good Fences I'll just go back into my photos from road trips of the past and dig out some fence material.

  8. What a cool place to visit. Such an interesting formation.

  9. We have stopped there -- you got a better picture!


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