Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rurality - Darn Birds!

It's close if not time to harvest the cherry crop in North Central Washington. To protect their crops, the growers resort to several different ways to keep the birds away and the cherries on their trees. Gone are the days of the old style scarecrows on a stick out in the field.

Shiny Mylar Ribbons to Spook the Birds

More Mylar Ribbons

Netting over the entire crop of trees

Another set of trees covered with netting

The Modern Scarecrow - an inflatable placed at the edge of the orchard

Linking to Madge @ The View From Right Here and the Rurality bloghop.


  1. wow! that netting must be expensive! like the ingenuity of the modern scarecrow. :)

  2. And the battle continues....
    Nice photos!


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