Saturday, June 7, 2014

InSPIREd Sunday - Dickinson, North Dakota

Since I will be driving through Dickinson this weekend as I journey back to Minnesota, I am sharing some pictures I took last Fall while staying in town.

Ridgeway Lutheran Church was organized in 1911. It was later moved to the the Dickinson Museum in 1981 after the congregation voted to disband the church in 1976. They have a nice write up here including interior photos.

Ridgeway Lutheran Church

Ridgeway Lutheran

Spire on Ridgeway Lutheran

A few blocks away is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After photographing spires for the past several years, I find it is easy to identify a spire on an LDS church.

LDS Spire - Dickinson, ND

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  1. sweet little building in the first and love the spire topper. :)

  2. i enjoy Ridgeway. what a gorgeous church. like the changes you made on the church blog ... neat. i hope others notice too. ( :

  3. That is a great old building. I really like that they moved it, instead of tearing it down. Nice pics...

  4. "Sally Saw" has been included in my Arlynda Lea's Sites to See #4. I hope this helps to call attention to your efforts.

  5. A lovely church. Somewhere in that area there is a beautiful Benedictine Abbey that we went to see when we were in ND. My best friend from Oregon went to school there. So you're back in the great North again huh?

    1. I think that Abbey is in Richardton. I stopped there a couple of weeks on my trip out to MN. Watch for pictures in a future post!


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